Vac-Groom Clipper Vacuum Attachment

We have been manufacturing the VacGroom Clipper Vacuum Attachment since 1997. Our goal was to produce a tool that every Groomer could afford. In 2015 we created the Universal Attachment that will work with ANY Clipper you have! 

We have more than 18,000 Dog Grooming facilities all across the world using our System.

We believe that a tool;

Doesn't Need to be Expensive

Doesn't Need to be Complicated


Best Of all Vac-Groom Pays For itself in Weeks not Years.

Order Today and Start Saving Tomorrow

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Vac-Groom Universal

clipper vac

The Universal Attachment works with ANY & ALL clippers. 

We use a Closed Foam that takes the shape of the top of your clipper and an elastic band to take the shape of the rest of your Clipper, it even works with a Dremel type tool!

Vac-Groom Kit


Kit Price $79.95

Kit Includes: 

  • Universal Attachment
  • Original Attachment
  • 10' Flex Hose
  • standard shop-vac adapter
  • Extra Elastic

Original Vac Attachment


Price Head Only $40.00

The Original Vac-Groom Attachment works great with MANY different clippers.

Parts & Pieces


  • Universal Head Only  -- $40.00
  • Original Head Only ---  $40.00
  • Hose 10' -----------------  $35.00
  • Shop-vac Adapter---- $10.00 

Build a System


Easily build a Multi-Station System using over the counter components.



 Absolutely all the benefits of an expensive system 

at a fraction of the cost.  

  • Reduces Grooming Time
  • Works With ALL Clippers
  • Reduces Cleaning Time
  • Helps Control Fleas
  • Try it with your Dremel Tool
  • Keeps Blades Cool
  • Connects To Your Vac
  • Easy Pop-on/Pop-off
  • Durable Molded Plastic
  • No More Fine Hairs to Breath

Vac-Groom Video

Check out this great video

**Made in USA**

To Order call; 888-828-3416

E-mail; PuppyPlayground@Bellsouth.net