How do I order?

Because each System is Made to Order, it is best that you place an order by Calling  us at 888-828-3416 or E-mail puppyplayground@bellsouth.net 

What is the difference between the PlayGo and the Mini Tunnel?

The Mini Tunnel is designed to connect with the Mini Ramp and Mini Stair to create a longer Mini Modular configuration. The PlayGo is essentially a "Lego" for dogs. It is designed to stack with itself to create a play structure or it can be used by itself to enrich your play area. The PlayGo is the same height as the Mini's but will not connect to the Mini Modular system. 

How do I Clean my Playground Equipment?

  Usually it is not necessary to change your cleaning protocol but if you find it isn't working for the equipment we recommend the following from Health Technology Professional Products Inc.

For daily use Triple Two Cleaner Disinfectant:  "Dilute Triple Two @ 2oz. to a gallon of water, Spray onto Puppy Playground equipment, Scrub if necessary, leave on wet for 10 mins (to disinfect) 3 mins (to Sanitize),  rinse and allow to air dry or wipe dry with a towel."

Also, Cage and Kennel Degreaser:

“Use the Cage & Kennel @ 2oz. to a gallon of water ratio, spray on the Puppy Playground equipment, use a brush and scrub, let sit for a couple of mins. (2 to 3 mins) and then rinse, reapply if necessary." 


I Have some Dogs Chewing on Parts?

If you are experiencing any chewing issues you can use a Heat Gun or Plumber's blowtorch to melt the Plastic right back into place.

NOTE: Clean the equipment GOOD before applying the heat.