How do I order?

Because each system is custom built, to your specs, it is best that you place an order by emailing us at puppyplayground@bellsouth.net or by calling us at 888-828-3416.

What is the difference between the PlayGo and the Mini Tunnel?

The Mini Tunnel is designed to connect with the Mini Ramp and Mini Stair to create a longer Mini Modular configuration. The PlayGo is essentially a "Lego" for dogs. It is designed to stack with itself to create a play structure or it can be used by itself to enrich your play area. The PlayGo is the same height as the Mini's but will not connect to the Mini Modular system. 

Do I need connectors?

   We offer four different kinds of connectors designed to connect your   Original Modular System pieces together in different configurations. The Modular pieces themselves will not connect together, but can be used pushed up against each other. The pieces are about 70 lbs each so your dogs moving them shouldn't be an issue, unless you have some really BIG dogs! - we do highly recommend having human supervision if you are opting to use the Modular PlayGround System without the connectors.

NOTE:   Connectors are included with the Pto-Series components

How do I install the connectors?

The connectors are installed using a drill, but don't worry, we supply the hardware! You will simply use the pre-drilled holes in the connectors as a template to drill your holes through to the Modular System components of your choice. 

What is the lead time?

We quote a four week window, for production,  We make every piece to order. Transit times may vary depending on where you are located.