PRO Series Modular

New Features

*  New Tri-Top Component 

* Pro Tunnel unit connects on all 4 sides

* NEW Molded-In Features include Hand Holds, Onboard Connector Storage, Threaded Inserts, Less places that will fit a Dogs Mouth (Less Chewing)

* New Connection System (Bone Connectors), Can Interchange with Mini's

* Molded-In Threaded Inserts will provide the ability to add Shade components and/or other Enrichment (TBD)

* Components now have even Larger Tunnels


 Module Dimensions;

  • Ramp 22” H x 22” W x 72” L
  • Tunnel 22” H x 22” W x 48” L
  • Stair 22” H x 22” W x 72” L
  • TriTop 22" H x 22" W x 22" W


  • Pro Series Ramp - $395. -Includes 1 Bone Connector
  • Pro Series Stair - $395. - Includes 1 Bone Connector
  • Pro Series Tunnel - $395. - Includes 4 Bone Connectors
  • Tri-Top  - $295. - Includes 3 Bone Connectors
  • Additional Bone Connectors - TBD

Press for Package Pricing


  • Standard Colors- Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Special Order-(Add $20. Per Unit) Purple, Pink, Lime, Orange, Tan, Black, Brown

PRO Series Modular

* NEW System *

We have been manufacturing the Modular System for more than 18 years and it has been doing an amazing job, however as the Industry evolves so must we. 

We gathered a lot of input from our customers and we believe that we have designed the PERFECT PlayGround System for DOGS.

What's NEW ??

The TriTop is a brand new component that will allow you to create new configurations.

This piece will also connect using the new Bone Connectors.  

Bone Connectors

The most exciting change to the system is the way they connect. 

We have incorporated the Bone Connectors, that we developed for the Mini Units, this allows the ability to change or rearrange the Play System in a snap. No tools, bolts or nuts to deal with. 

Each Pro Series piece will come with it's own Bone Connectors but extras will be available for purchase.

The Components

PRO Series Ramp

Price - $395.00 

Includes 1 Bone Connector

PRO Series Stair

Price - $395.00

Includes 1 Bone Connector

PRO Series Tunnel

Price - $395.00

Includes 4 Bone Connectors


Price - $295.00

Includes 3 Bone Connectors

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