Fire Hydrant

This is the perfect addition to any Play Area! Our commercial grade quality plastic paired with the vibrant colors of Red or Yellow draw attention to your facility while the wide circular base of the Hydrant proves useful for stability and to keep any puppy pee in one spot! Easy to clean, easy to set up and easy to love! 

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Colors Available:

Red and Yellow



Weight and Dimensions:

Hydrant - 26" Tall 

Base - 28" Diameter 

8 lbs Total


Fire Hydrant



Shade Receivers

Do those midday play times ever get too hot? We know that in the Summertime everything under the sun can become VERY hot and potentially dangerous. We have the solution! Our Shade Receivers easily connect to your Puppy Playground Pro Series Equipment and provides the ability to install  Umbrellas/other sun blocking components - keeping the sun off your backs! Our Shade Receivers have a built in Hole Cover ensuring their Safety even when your Umbrella in not installed.

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Two Types:

Straight Shade Receiver


Corner Cut Shade Receiver


$75 each

Each Shade Receiver will include:

One Set of Receivers


Easy assembly Instructions


Caution! Should not be used in windy conditions

**Only Compatible with Pro Series **

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