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Our Story began back in 1988 when we bought a Fixer Upper Boarding Kennel in Ormond Beach, FL.  Previous experience was training Obedience and Tracking with our Family pets. During the 17 years of owning Ormond Kennel & Pet Center we managed to win the "Best Kennel Award" 12 of the 17 years.  In 1994 we had one of the Big Box stores move into the area and watched several well established Pet related facilities go bust. We knew that we needed to do something to insure that we didn't share a similar fate.

Based on the experience that we gained, via our Training Program at Ormond Kennel, we realized that nearly 90% of the behavior problems that we encountered were directly related to two basic issues. Either an Energy Level that was not being addressed, a lack of Socialization or both. We decided that a PlayGround could address both of the issues and get us the exposure that we needed to stay ahead of the competition.

The Puppy Playground was an instant hit, within two months we were averaging 80-85 dogs playing on our little Playground every time we opened the doors. It was like we had opened a can of worms. The question soon became how can we keep control, keep it safe and have Fun at the same time. Well we quickly established Rules, Policies and a System that worked and still works to this day. The Pet Industry has adopted many of our Policies and they have become an "Industry Standard" which makes us very proud.

By 1999 it was apparent that the Puppy Playground was not just a fad or trend, it was here to stay. The benefits to the dogs that participated was so obvious to everyone. In fact it was the Veterinary community that first saw the difference in the pets that they cared for. We began hearing them say words like "Early Socialization" it wasn't long before every Vet in the area was sending their clients to us to get the social exposure that they needed.  

In 2000 we began designing Our playground System. We employed the knowledge that we gained from the more than 50,000 dogs that had participated on our playground since its inception. We  certainly took the parts that we knew worked but more importantly we knew what did not work or was dangerous and eliminated it from the design and made it from a materials that you cannot get over the counter.

Today Our PlayGround System is in use in more than 7500 Pet Care Facilities all across the world and is being used in countless Dog Parks, Apartment complexes, Camp Grounds and it is in Thousands of Homes all across the country. Our system has become The "Industry Standard".  

We are not done yet,  Puppy Playground.com will soon be known for being the "Arcade for your Dog" The fact is that it is all about having FUN and at Puppy Playground.com we know how to have FUN!