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Modular Playground System

Designed For Dogs By Dog People

Price: $325.00   Per component

Basic Components; Ramp - Tunnel - Stair *Each  Sold Separately

Standard Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

Special Order Colors: Pink, Purple, Lime, Orange, Brown, Tan, Black  **Add $20.00**

Module Dimensions;

Weight 80 lbs each

Commercial Grade Quality - One Piece Molding - No Cracks For Germs To Hide - Will Not Hold Odor - High Quality Enrichment - Maintenance Free - Set It And Forget It For Years To Come - Let Your Play Areas Reflect Your Level of Professionalism - Expose  Your Dogs To Agility At Safer Heights And Widths

The Modular Design allows you to create as many different configurations as you can imagine to fit your needs

Use These Connectors To Create An Unlimited Number Of Configurations.

All Of Our Connectors Are Plastic And Will Not Decay Or Hold Germs.

Easy assembly for any configuration. All hardware (carriage bolts and wing nuts) are supplied with each Connector.


Our System is NOT made from Children's Play Systems components and just called Puppy PlayGrounds. Careful examination of children's Play Systems shows that they are LESS than SAFE for Dogs. Dogs are not built for Slides, many Surfaces of Children's Systems have holes that toes can get hung in and are Very dangerous. Often Children's Play Systems are very high and Dogs jumping from those heights can be Injured. Just one injury by the use of a System being used for something other than its designed purpose is a problem for the entire Industry.

Modular System Sample

Plastic 4 Way


Plastic 2 Way


Plastic 3 Way


Hump Back Bridge

Creates a 24"

Tall Tunnel


Because of the size and weight of each of the components in this system they will be shipped via Ground Motor Freight.

All of our products are Designed For Dogs By Dog People.

Made in the USA